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Confessions of an Anti-Social Teenager

September 23, 2017

“When life knocks you down, you lay right there in peaceful oblivion and take a nap to escape facing humanity ever again”


I, being one of the direct progeny of the antisocial line, certainly haven't ceased to dash the hopes of majority in carrying the legacy forward. Anti-social conduct is my means of desperately struggling to acquire the “rebellious tag”. 

I rebel by refusing to budge from that corner of the bed for three days in a row.

I rebel by opting to read a fandom story I've already written a hypothesis on 14251 times rather than going out. 

I rebel by reading a classic novel under the lamp at midnight.

I reb…you get the gist.




But let’s be blunt ,I’m not exactly the ogre’s seed here. I’m playing the underdog. The world is out to get me.


From tolerating cruel puns like,

”you know what children are going to call you when you grow up?”


“aunty social, hahah(Note: These are exactly the kind of people who laugh at their own jokes)”


to having your self-esteem continuously and shamelessly attacked when relatives come over. We are the stigmas of society, losing only to LGBT and PDA. Remind me again, why haven’t we had an antisocial peeps parade yet?


Additionally, when you’re anti-social paired with being socially awkward, that’s like the premium form of purgatory. The pain is equivalent to the hellfire inflicted if you commit one of the seven sins(hyperbole not intended). When a few of the social aliens shower you with compliments and flattery while you just sit there like a bloated platypus, you do question your worthlessness and assure yourself that you’re ‘you’ and nobody can be that, right?RIGHT?


Going through an all time identity crisis is, lets just be generous and say, not how I like to spend my time. Crying over fictional scenarios in my head and overthinking about what happened a fortnight ago is more like it.


Moreover, being a hush ,asocial dudette isn't the most suitable compromise for the remnant glitches in my personality. Give the society a mute guy, we have him being “omg, so mysterious”. I usually receive a merciful “you look dumb”. 





l’ll be very forthright. I don't detest people or human interaction. God knows,I value their entire insignificant existence. They are lovely people with beautiful souls, all of them and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such utterly delightful hermaphrodites.

Okay, Maybe I do hate them..a little.

P.S. - I had been tearing up from inside this whole time while casually and lightly reflecting upon the inner turmoil I go through. I can’t help being like this. Here, starts the debate on “Is anti-social behaviour really a choice?” 

Cue for the intellectuals to march in. 





Signs you’re a part of the clan include (if you have to read this to infer and your family hasn’t made it evident ,you’re probably not anti-social) -


1. If you are witty in the virtual world, but a dumb mannequin in the real world. 

2. If you reply sarcastically in your mind, but mumble gibberish in front of an actual breathing mass of flesh. 

3. If you die a little inside when your personal space is invaded

4. Not necessarily prudish when it comes to breaking some rules here and there discreetly (points abstractly at myself)

5. Spotted and grabbed at bookstores, gaming centres and that corner of the bed.

6. Shyness many a times mistaken as arrogance

7. Creative, hehe

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