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Final Thoughts Before I Bid Adieu

September 23, 2017

The one single thing that I have retained since my foray into the turmoil filled teenage years is a rebellious nature, of a less volatile kind of course. The purpose of this article was to essentially write about something, anything or everything  that calls out to the passion inside me; like a classic creep from a PCO booth (horrible analogy 1.0). But instead the following words, which are reputed for scoring a 0 (which is pretty close to the score I got in the first term) in arousing passion, flowed through. I want to talk about Time. 

Which apparently, I don't have much left, being a class 12 student. 


On this note, I'd like to share this wonderful thing that a wonderful man named Randy Pausch said. “Time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think”. It does feel like just yesterday when I was this weirdo in class 9 cribbing to a senior about how school just won't get over and how I despise this snail's pace we're moving at. Well, it's for a reason that they said that you should be careful what you wish for because I think the speed at which these past 3 years have gone by could give The Flash a run for his money.  Time and change are the only reality, well, oblivion too but I'm trying to be a little optimistic here. 

So this is an article not about the woes of another pile of flesh and bones leaving school, not about me cribbing about needing more time in school, not even about me being worried about my social life slow-walking towards it's funeral this year. It's about reality. It's about change, beginnings and ends. It's about what is and what will be if 'we' make it to 'be' .


One thing that has always pestered me is the fact that when all of this is over, I'd be at a point in my life where I'll part from people I’ve been with for 12 years , some less than that and some that I've done crazy and absolutely mad things with, some that I've cried like a tomato in front of and others whose company I'm eternally grateful for.  I wouldn't go as far away as to say that it would be so painful and I will cry so much when we leave because I find the stage to be a better suited to exercise these dramatics. It might shake you like a stuka bomber falling down, not seeing everyone everyday but you'll get over it. That's the beauty of it.

The part that I find sad is that there are people here who I will never-like never until heaven-see again, to this thought I say, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I sincerely pray to all the gods out there that all of them find their way around in life, they get back on track or create their own tracks, they do whatever they wanted to and have fun doing it. And for me, I wish that I end up meeting Zayn Malik, who's been the love of my life since class 8. Again, Randy Pausch said it rightly '' we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand''.

Things have happened, things are happening and they will continue to happen, we just have to make sure that we spend our ‘time’ in the right place. There are going to be brick walls and there are going to be people and circumstances we love and hate and feel nothing about, coming and going in a rhythm, it'll be a vicious pattern but the most important thing that there was or ever will be is the choice : will you take on this adventure or not? .

The 'me' that I am today is so much different from the 'me' that I was yesterday. All the crazy friends that I've had, and the crazy things that have happened have culminated into this one thing........I don't know how to not have fun anymore. You can shoot a bullet, you can put as many mountains down the path as you like, you can make it rain like hell, but I've learnt how to become a Jon Snow ( or Aegon Targaryen ).  So have we all (Major thanks to Kit Harrington). Sticks & Stones.


                          "The Mighty pyramids of stone that 

                                 wedge like cleave the dessert air

                            When nearer seen and better known

                                 Are but gigantic flights of stairs'' 

                                                              - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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