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October 9, 2017

It's been almost 6 months since I have become a Prefect , and I think it is safe to say that being one is clearly not an easy task. I knew the hardships that followed the job, after being kindly told by former Prefects , and observing the rush they always seemed to be in. Now it seems that fate has played a cruel joke on me, the very Prefects I once used to annoy and taunt, have moved on to their senior years in school and I have instead decided to fill their shoes. Before I get to the hardships and seemfully unseen tasks I just have a word of advice for seventhees who inspire to become future Prefects, beware it is not as easy as it may seem. The pressure starts even before you are officially termed a Prefect, the house, there is a very intensive training session on how to 'slow march' conducted by our P.T. Teachers in which you must first Excel in order to be able to march with pride on the day of investiture. After which the actual responsibilities start to pile up. As a "Prefect"we had to conduct and attend every training session for your houses' contenders, even though it is a very strong feeling of euphoria if you win (yay satpura) but the credit mainly goes to the participants and our efforts are left unsung. After which time you get used to constant pressure on your head, handling meetings, the break duties, after school duties, missing classes, finishing work done in class... The usual. All is fine until the time the 'selections' are started. I don't like to say this but, Juniors are probably the most forgetful people in our school, even after constant reminders on which day the selections would take place, they seem to almost ignore what we say and simply apologise to us for forgetting, after which we have to answer to our captains why the participation was so less. There is also that little thing about, behavior, I personally have a very hard time trying not to hurt people by my words and actions, but it was a sudden change since in class 7th I didn't really care about my behavior, but now that I know that people may look up to me, I  need to be a role model, which is more of a personal hardship which I don't know wether the other Prefects would agree on. But all the cons aside being a Prefect does have its perks. First and the most admired one to have is, being able to walk out of classes which you don't like when you have work. This is often misjudged,I would like to notify all students that we cannot move out of class whenever we get like, we need to have permission, but when we do it's really a boon given to you when we just don't want to study that day. We as Prefects also have the leisure to sometimes walk or if the auditorium when we are not feeling well, a perk I wanted to have for a long time, I try not to misuse this, only when I am no feeling well because I know I need to do my duties. There are many more good things about being a Prefect. And I would like to say that my views of being a Prefect has definitely changed since I was one in junior school, which was an unpleasant experience, being a middle school Prefect has been far better. The job is challenging and fun, and I can't wait till house day arrives, the festivities and adrenaline rush is really something to look forward to.


Anirban Ghosh





Student council members are the link between students ,teachers and administrative staff. Being a prefect or member of student council has been a life changing experience for me. Serving in the council opens up a number of opportunities to hone your skills such as conviction, self confidence , time management and self esteem. The ability to convince others to accept your ideas is a skill that can open a variety of windows of unique opportunities in future. When you speak in front of a large crowd, stage fear is gone and self confidence is developed. Time management is highly important in the busy world we live in , and sooner one understands this better . As a council member , not only you will have duties but you must also maintain good grades and continue to be an example for your fellow students and juniors who look upon you. This surely gives  a great opportunity to hone your your time management skills and prepare yourself for life after school. The power of self esteem often makes the difference between success and failure . It is hard to get others believe in you when you don't believe in yourself . Serving the council helped me to build positive self esteem when others get convinced that you are a good representative and then watch , as your ideas  and opinions manifest into changes in the school that benefit the entire fellow students and juniors. I hope my hard work gives me the opportunity to be the council member in senior classes as well .

- Lavanya





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