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The Seven Ages Of A Woman

October 9, 2017


A Woman walks through the journey of life,

And plays many roles in her time,

namely 7 ages.

At first the newborn,

whimpering and quivering in the mother’s arms;

And then the frightened schoolgirl,

Dragging her feet unwillingly to school.

Then the devotee,

Lost in her lover’s eyes, the cupid flying about her. 

After that comes the maiden,

In search for her walk of life,

A woman of distinction, quick in disputation,

Longing for a good life,

But more for a good name.

And then the mother,

With her huge round belly and warmth in her eyes,

Holding her children tight in her arms,

Giving them all her wisdom in sheer happiness;

The sixth age shifts and the grandmother is born,

Her face full of wrinkles and her eyes sparkling,

With her spectacles hanging around her neck,

Her gown transitioning from crimson to grey,

With her voice shrieking and her body trembling.

And in the last chapter of all,

The traveler reaches her destination,

Bidding farewell to the world,

She steps into her grave.










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