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A not so ordinary scientific experience at JNU

November 19, 2017

On 7th of November 2017 some of our students visited Jawaharlal Nehru University for an science seminar cum conference named, MARIE CURIE SESQUICENTENNIAL CONFERENCE. This was held to celebrate or to give a tribute to Marie Curie on her 150th birthday. Only a few students were given this golden opportunity, on the basis of the experiments performed by students in The Science Open House held in our school on 25th and 26th of September 2017. Some of those students were Tushar Gupta who showcased some beautiful concepts and designs related to pendulum waves, Momita Biswas who amazed everyone by her research and experiment which explained how does hair dyes damage our hair with time, Shivam Sansanwal whose ‘underwater lightning’ dazzled everyone; so these were some senior students. Now the middle school’s turn; Anirban Ghosh - he displayed a self sustaining plant, Lakshay Gupta; thats me, I showed how to regenerate cotton and make rayon. There were many more bright students who exhibited there talents. 

But other than our school there were many schools with there brilliant projects. I remember that one school showed how can a city work just on hydroelectricity, one school made a voice control wheel chair etc. The feeling which you get, the butterflies that you get in your stomach when the judges come to take a look on your experiment or are unexplainable. At last we finished with the exhibition at 3pm and after a few minutes the time came for which most of us were desperately waiting since the beginning, no I mean since the morning and the thing for which we were waiting for was……. THE LUNCH. Yeah we were really hungry, can you imagine standing for 6-7 hours continuously without food showcasing your experiment; I know that may sound a bit tragic, except the amount of time hmmm…. But after lunch came the most critical moment for all of the participants were really waiting extremely was the RESULTS.

 All the participants were sitting in the auditorium waiting for the results, first the certificate for participation were being given. When the students were receiving the certificates I couldn't see worries or tension but only an expression that clearly told that today they got to know a lot more, something beyond their books a kind of knowledge that they could have only gained in these types of additional educational programmes. I am okay with the fact that I could not achieve any position but for me more important was what did I learn from the others…



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