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Khasi House-Inspirational and Meritorious

November 19, 2017


The House day recently got over, with many houses winning many prizes. All of us stayed back, worked hard and did everything our house needed us to do. We all know how badly our time table got messed up. Some of us even missed a lot of our tuition classes. We fell, injured ourselves,ran around,screamed, did almost every activity which has itself described in a dictionary.


And needless to mention, most of the work done in houses is because of the house captains.


But this time, unfortunately Khasi House did not have a House Captain with them. Yes, think about it. No one to run around you or to tell you what to do or give you a motivational speech when the spirit of the house is down and everyone is feeling low. Now without someone like that,all of us imagine ourselves running around,eating, doing mischief while the teachers come and ask us to sit down. It's almost impossible to imagine any work being done. But, Khasi house this year, even without a house captain managed to put up an exemplary performance. Even after not having someone to guide them,all of them stayed back, followed what their teachers asked them to do and reached their venues on time. They stayed back till 5 'o' clock without anyone asking them to while we went home a lot earlier than them but still couldn't stop cribbing about it.


And their hard work brought a lot to them but not an award which is something we use to judge a house and the amount of hardwork that the house put in. They had the best dance performance, and even had the best actor from their house. The break dance left people jumping and hooting at their seats and everyone was in total awe.


I am loyal to the House I belong, but I would still acknowledge the fact that I have nothing but Respect for the teachers who co-ordinated,the students who stayed till 5 'o' clock and the house captains who could bring up the children of their house so well.


Respect and admiration is all I have towards the House as a whole. It takes great valor to put up a show when all hope seems lost deep in the sea.

I also believe that every person who reads this piece should leave rivalry aside for a minute and appreciate what Khasi House or any other House has done.

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