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"Please don't stop the music" In conversation with Mannat Shergill Ma'am

November 19, 2017

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                             


Name:  Ms. Mannat Shergill


Designation: Psychology Teacher cum Counsellor




Favorite genre: Pop Music, Hip-Hop Music, Classical and Popular Mix


Favorite artists: Rihanna, Zayn Malik, Sean Paul, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Taylor Swift, Enrique, Pink, AvrilLavigne, Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, DuaLipa and Ed Sheeran


Favorite band:The Beatles, The Carpenters, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, Coldplay, Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon


Favorite songs:Hotel California, Hero, Top of the world, Moves like Jagger, MiGente, Shape of you,

Despacito, Havana, Mind, Dusk till Dawn,Swalla… lol! Ma’ams list is never ending!!!!!




She is dynamic! She is Uber cool! She’s none other than our psychology teacher cum counsellor, our beloved MANNAT MAAM. Give her any song and you bet she’s heard it. She has an eloquent taste when it comes to music and her interest in music began when her parents would listen to AQUA, VENGABOYS...etc. She remembers the dance parties they threw and how they would dance to these tunes and her favourite one being “We’re going to Ibiza”. By the time she was in her teens she became a huge fan of AEROSMITH, NICKELBACK AND LINKIN PARK, but she had other reasons to like these bands and when asked about it she replied,“Its rather funny as my crush was a huge fan of these bands and I would listen to them so as to be able to strike an impressive conversation with him”.

She revealed that she used music as a mood up lifter and believes that music therapy works wonders! On talking to her I realized that she had a song for every feeling, moment and memory to cherish. She loves to start her day with a cup of coffee and an accustomed playlist of tasteful music. She also has 94.3 playing on her stereo whenever she’s in her room; she feels music keeps her peppy and energetic. Though she doesn’t believe in the concerts much, yet she has attended concerts of the INDIAN OCEAN, EUPHORIA, SONU NIGAM, PARIKRAMA, and JASLEEN KAUR ROYAL during her college fests. While talking to her about her detachment towards the contemporary concerts she smiles and says, “Oh! I’d rather prefer karaoke evenings with a bunch of close friends”.

While she recognizes that nowadays EDMs are the thing! Yet her forte remains pop and retro music. She also feels that there is a huge scope for individuals in music, but in India its limited based on certain stereotypes and feels that the professional world of music is still establishing itself in India. She loves songs by the COKE STUDIO, her favourite ones being: AfreenAfreen, SammiMeriWaar and Jugni. Then she says there are days when she simply loves listening to Sufis and ghazals. She feels that music industry in India has a bright future but the Bollywood music industry is more about the pep rather than meaningful lyrics.

Her favorite memory of performing on stage was when she was around 11. “My father was a captain of a ship and I remember a cultural event that had been organized on the ship for the families. I was a part of the choir group which sang ‘Top of the World’ made famous by the carpenters, which is one sweet memory that I cherish to this very day”. She also won a prize during a picnic where she sang a song from the movie border when she was just 7 years young.



On most Saturdays you can catch her at the Delhi Gymkhana Club where she loves listening to the Live Band playing classical songs and her favorites being, HEY JUDE, WONDERFUL TONIGHT, SWAY and DON’T BE CRUEL.Also, if you are lucky you can catch her doing Rock and Roll or Salsa on the dance floor.  Well she has a hidden talent that a very few people know about that is that she is a very graceful dancer and can perform a variety of dance forms including SALSA, CHA-CHA, ROCK AND ROLL and a little bit of TANGO etc. When it comes to exercising she prefers Zumba any day.

As a child she would also visit the famous music retail unit PLANET M where many singers would come for their album launch as a promotional event and she would be one amongst the first ones to receive an autographed cassette and signed records. She has autographed records of the famous RAAGESHWARI SACHDEV, USHA UTHUP, FALGUNI PATHAK and the very famous Indian girl group VIVA!



While talking about the importance of instrumentalists in music she says, “While other people would be interested in knowing the lead singer only, I was rather curious about the instrumentalists and musicians too. No music is complete without the instrumentalists and they have all amazed me equally”. She knows the lyrics of almost all songs by heart but would hardly sing in front of an audience as she feels that her voice is not the type a singer has. On being asked if she can play any instrument, she smiled and said “No, while I really enjoy listening to music, I would love to have someone playing for me”.

Finally, enumerating about her take on music she says,“Music is phenomenal and has a significant place in my life, I feel one must have a song for every feeling and moment. This way whenever and wherever you listen to the particular song you will be able to feel that memory fresh in your mind”.






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