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Journey towards being the "Best actor"

November 24, 2017

My story of getting the best actor is an odd one. It included humour, horror, action and drama. When all the houses were told about the house day, there was chaos among the houses. I (K.Balaji) was in Khasi house. Our house held meetings every day which many students regularly attended. These were the staybacks before the 30th of October, 2017. We discussed about the script. Then the script was nearly prepared, by the ideas of teachers and students all mixed. Firstly, I got small roles such as the male who breaks the line, a son who wears weird clothes, the audience in the court and a constable. I could act very well (at least I felt so). Then Adityan sir, gave me the role of Shakuni and a dice as well. For your kind information, Shakuni was a cunning man who appeared in the Mahabharata, a book of the Hindu religion. He was lame. I had great difficulty in acting this role. I could not talk cunningly like Shakuni and I had to walk like him. That was absolutely tiring. An elder student insisted on taking away my role, but the teachers supported me and I still had my role with me. Then, Archana ma'am and Monika ma'am helped me in enacting like him. Then the problem was that I forgot whatever they explained. You all might be thinking that I am very good at acting, but I am a disaster. Now, a scene took place in which both humour and action could be found. On the day of the programme, I was at home in the afternoon, thinking that Khasi house's show was tomorrow. The phone was ringing. I picked it up and Roy ma'am said that today was the programme. I dashed out of the room with my stuff. My mother came with me. I went in the bus and reached the stop. I ran in the speed of the wind and reached school. I reached in time to wear the costume and get the make up done. I really looked like a demon when the make up was done. I then wore some jewels. I was disheartened and thought that I would really get negative points for my house. On the stage, I just did my best. Surprisingly, everyone told me that I was very good. I went home and saw the recording. I was convinced that I was bad. Thoughts were whirling inside my brain that maybe everyone said it sarcastically. The next day I went to school to see the other houses perform. I was astonished, surprised and shocked when my name was being  announced. I was filled with joy. So, they were not sarcastic, they were right. I ran to get the prize. I was at the top of the world. Then I began showing off (that's what one does when he/she has achieved). I was happy when praises showered on me. I couldn't believe what just happened. At home there were messages on Whatsapp congratulating me (whatsapp is the only social media I am in touch with so I think the school must pardon me). Friends and foes that was truly amazing....





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