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Time travel, Is it really possible?

December 13, 2017

After the occurrence of unfortunate or unexpected turn of events we always think that if we could go back in time and make some changes which turn around the present situation completely, or sometimes when we are curious or worried about what will happen to us maybe in the next minute. The solution to all these problems is something that has been studied by scientists since the 20th century, something that we know but haven't understood it completely - TIME TRAVEL.

There are some theories that prove how can time travel be possible and how can it be done. So today I am going to share some of those theories and ways which could lead to time travel. 


1) BLACK HOLES : Black hole is a mysterious matter in space formed when a star dies, which means when a star runs out of hydrogen it can lead to two thing :- 

  • Formation of a Red giant

  • Formation of a Black hole



As Stephen Hawking said that black holes are natural time machines, and they can be used for going to the future. Rather than getting sucked by a black hole you need to orbit one, as they have a high density, they don’t disturb the space and celestial bodies only but it also slows down the time more than anything else in the universe. 


2) TIPLER CYLINDER : Another valid way to think about time travel is the concept introduced by an American physicist Frank J. Tipler, who stated that any object rotating around a hypothetical cylinder with an infinite length would go backwards in time. NASA engineers have even thought of the cylinder as a way to host life during the endless journey around it. But this way seems to be very irrational because infinity is a terminology that is out of human perception, hence making this method unfeasible.




3) ROTATING UNIVERSE : In 1949, one of Einstein friend Kurt Gödel one of the most brilliant mathematicians of 20th century, solved one mathematical equation given bob Einstein which would allow time travel. He found that if the universe starts rotating and if a spaceship traveled around it fast enough, it would go back in time. But this is unachievable because the universe is so big, its beyond our imagination; so we can’t even think of rotating it.



4) WORMHOLES : Wormholes are called ‘Shortcut Tunnels In the Universe ‘. They also create shortcut in time, scientists have started to think about spacecrafts which would be able to generate wormholes, but to prevent them from collapsing the spacecrafts would need negative matter that is poorly understood. Secondly, this may take the astronauts to some sort of unknown corner of this cosmic paradise which may be having unfavourable conditions. So this method is a bit risky, can you imagine of being lost in some vast corner of space forever…. Oooh that sounds creepy.




5) SPEED OF LIGHT : Scientists think that if you travel at the speed of light you would go to future. When you travel at speed of light you would first experience time around you going slower and slower. It is considered that nothing can go faster than 3,00,000 Km per second because it would need an infinite amount of energy. But recent studies have found out that particles called Tachyons can go faster than light but also have the amazing characteristic of imaginary mass, meaning that they speed up as they lose their energy, isn’t that mind boggling.



So all this is some small part of the mystery of time travel there is a lot more to discover.



Black hole


Tipler cylinder 



Rotating universe 





Speed of light





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