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Delhi - A Gas Chamber

January 8, 2018


Everyone is talking about the infamous air pollution in Delhi. People are finally becoming concerned about its effect on their health. Delhi is one of the worst polluted cities in the world and conditions are becoming even worse day by day. This pollution results in major illness. Smog increases hospital admissions and sick days. Major health effects of air pollution are: breathing problems and increase in chest pains; permanent lung damage;increased number of asthma attacks and many other deadly diseases.

We are facing a situation where people are being advised not to go for a morning walk and children not to play outside which is again not healthy.

Some factors, which resulted in making Delhi a smoke chamber are:  burning of rice stubble by farmers in Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh in the month of October. This is the main reason for this smog. 

Another reason may be dust pollution caused by large-scale construction activity going on in the NCR region including metro construction.

Firecrackers on Diwali day make the situation worse for a city already suffering from severe pollution.

It is not only Delhi alone which is suffering from smog. Many cities in United States and Europe have suffered from severe smog. However, the British Government started an Clean Air Act, which helped in reducing the smog. India needs to immediately address the causes of smog. First is a ban on burning of rice stubble. The government will have to look for alternative arrangements of disposing the stubble. 

Next is control of dust pollution from construction sites which may help in decreasing this pollution.

As per my thinking, the government should implement the odd even scheme again. It will definitely help in reducing the air pollution. I think that the government should not waste any more time and should act fast and take actions accordingly. 



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