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How to Overcome Exam Stress

January 8, 2018


"It is not stress that kills us, but our reaction to it."


Mostly all the school children study to get good marks in exams. But do they ever think about the reason behind why the school is teaching us so many things for so many years?


Well, I think that they teach us so that we can become good humans for the rest of the years of life. They want us to get used to the kind of pressure while working in an office or any other field. The exams are not only for qualification but also to tell us the pressure that would be there during jobs in coming life. 


And needless to say, we all have to face them.

To overcome the stress during exam you just need to do these 4 easy things:


1) Concentrate on your subject instead of cracking jokes in the class. 


2) No ratification is required if you just understand the concept and answer in your own words. 


3) Rather than stressing about it, make a time-table and stick to it


4) Avoid announcing things like "I have so much to do". It only makes you more stressed. 


Live by these 4 points and they shall set you free from the stress of examinations.


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