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April 29, 2018


I believe that friends are very important. I mean you don’t get them everyday. They are the ones who stand up for you, listen to your rants, accept your madness. Now that is perfect friendship but it is not like that all the time. We do have fights but still get back together. 


The problem is when you have more than one best friend. 



I aim to discuss the problem with this and speak (write) in defence of those who somehow become the spotlight in their group of friends (even if they don’t want to).

First of all, if you are the spotlight in your group you must have been through this for sure. The problem with our ‘BFFs’ is that they don’t understand that we are only humans. We can’t be at all places at the same time (unless you have Hermione Granger’s Time Turner) . One of your ‘BFF’s’ wants you to be with them and if you don’t they will think that you are spending less time with them , forgetting them and all that dramatic stuff , if you try to catch up with them the others will think you are forgetting them . I  mean  what do you want from life!? Sometimes I wish to  just  hide  under my Invisibility Cloak!

Our BFFs treat  us like celebrities. I, for one, can vouch for this.You might think I am stupid to say that being  centre of attention is bad , but trust me it is really exhausting. If ever in life you talk rudely to them for even once, they will start gossiping with their other friends. Then you will have to  go to each one of them and say sorry ; if  matters   are worse , apology letters! The problem is that everybody wants to be with you at the same time. That is super exhausting,  these friends cannot be called ‘BFFs’ they should try to understand  us.



So finally the question arrives , how to solve this?


There are many ways , one is to just write a note to all of them by penning down all your feelings and clearing it out (for those  who have problems with opening up). If you are an extrovert, you can just simply tell them that it’s not your problem that you have such an amazingly charming personality and tell them that you want true friends… not followers (of course you aren’t voldemort)

Tell them politely that the time you spend together does not show how strong your friendship. It matters more how deeply you both understand each other , respect each other and most importantly, understand that we all do make mistakes.

If you are reading this as the spotlight or the follower (I am not categorising anyone) understand that it doesn’t  matter  how close friends are  ,  it  matters how deep their friendship is .

I hope I helped you  in some way  or made you realize what were you doing with your friends.  

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