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Why The Investiture Ceremony Is Not Just Another SMS Event

May 16, 2018

Investiture ceremony is almost definitely one of the most prestigious functions that our school conducts over the course of the year. To all those unfamiliar the main highlights include many wonderful songs sung by the choir including the famous Alo Amar by Rabindranath Tagore , a dance that explores the rich culture of our country, and the smart and synchronised marching of the NCC is mesmerising to look at. The merits that are awarded for the diligent hard-work of the students are a cherished totem for all St. Marians.




Of course there is also the introduction of the new student council, who will ensure that the school runs fluidly throughout the year. As much as a spectacle it is to see the work of the children come to fruition on the final day, I personally believe that the journey is far more intriguing than the final day. If you are to visit the school a month or so before the ceremony, you would find it in hectic chaos. But if you happen to look closer you would see, the dedication of everyone participating. It might not be immediately apparent but when you look closer you would see, how in one group children all the way from 5 th grade to 12thies are
working together, one of which imparting their knowledge off to the younger generation, and how the seniors still take to learning from their teachers.




Now I’ll tell you something that always seemed to intrigue me, how it was that whenever the school started the practice, you could practically hear the teachers scream on the top of the lungs and about how the students this year around are doing so much worse than the last years batch, but you would not believe how over the course of just a few weeks those screams morph into compliments and wishes to perform our very best. This process of learning, teaching and understanding are somewhat similar to the very same values that our school upholds. Really providing the children the opportunities they need to truly be “The Best You Can Be”. After the hours of practice put in by the students, when the day comes to perform on the ceremony and the children finally get to show what they practiced to do for so long. It is with experience that I say that the feeling that you get after giving your best and knowing that everyone just saw you perform at your very best, is not something you can replace or recreate.



So after attending the ceremony this year, I hope you spent a minute thinking about the hard-work put in by the children, and appreciated the things the children learned over the course of the last few weeks in school. 

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