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What Feminism Means To Me

December 16, 2018





Feminism: The advocacy of women’s right for equality of both sexes.


In the 12 years I’ve lived, I have not experienced a brush with discrimination on the basis of my gender. Having been born into a family where I’m the only girl child, I have always been pampered and shown preferential treatment. In younger classes at school, girls have always been considered brighter and more mature than boys.


The only gender inequality I know was experienced in my extended social circle. For example, the daughters of domestic workers had to help with household chores.

Something that has always made me bristle is the social practice of women having to change their names after marriage and having to move away from their first home. It seems that society wants women to acquire a new identity.

Nowadays, feminism has become associated with women trying to be greater than men. Whereas, this movement started to establish equality, not put one gender on top of another. Feminism does not mean that if you have the opportunity to fill a hungry child’s stomach, you will leave out the boy and give food to the girl.


As I’ve become older, I’ve seen inequality more. Both genders have been assigned stereotypes. If you go against them, it’s defying so-called “nature.” If a boy shows feminine tendencies, he’s sissy and if a girl shows masculine ones, she’s a tomboy.

Yes, there is a definite need of feminism on Earth and yes, gender inequality does exist. It exists in forms that most cannot fathom. But one cannot call themselves a feminist just by taking a red flag and waving it across a stage. Feminism in truest sense can be lived and practiced by putting in the smallest possible efforts in direction of being voice of the unheard, being hands of the handicapped and by being face of the millions of unseen.

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