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Humanity should be our race

Love should be our religion


  A student shot a video of a gory and horrendous incident where a person was mercilessly killed and his body was mutilated just because of hatred. The cruel reality was shattering - the boy's hands were steady as a rock! They weren't even shaking while recording such a horrifying incident. It seemed as though he was using a tripod for the camera.

In another incident, a man was killed just for a mere suspicion of cow slaughtering. How a person can buy a cow that costs a great deal just to slaughter remains a mystery! A highly educated lower caste boy was killed by an upper caste group as they couldn't gulp the hard reality that a lower caste man was more successful than him.




 “Everybody of that community is vulnerable to mob-lynching everywhere- home, workplace etc” – Harsh Mander, a Delhi based social activist.


On 23rd February 2019, some students of classes 8 and 11 visited the team of Karawan-e-Mohobbat at the Equity Centre in Adhchini. The visit gave us a first hand experience. The event dealt with hate dynamics that is fiercely creeping in the society at a pace which is very dangerous for any society. The team also shared their experiences with us. They shared how hate crimes are spreading rapidly around us and slowly humanity is getting stifled. People are turning heartless. Most bamboozling of all was that even children were involved in some of those incidents. Children used pens to stab or kill people during mob lynchings, mocking the idiom 'Pen is Mightier than Sword'.  Even the Police and the government institutions were part of such incidents, reflecting their greed for money.


The Karawan-e-Mohobbat or peace yatra is a movement led by activist and author Harsh Mander. Harsh Mander is an activist who works with survivors of mass violence & hunger, as well as homeless persons & street children. He is the Director of the Centre for Equity Studies & a Special Commissioner to the Supreme Court in the Right to Food case. He is associated with various social causes, including issues of communal harmony, tribals, Dalit, disabled persons’ rights, RTI, among others. The yatra is making waves across the nation. They visit places where lynching and hate crimes have taken place and attempt to forge links between different communities. Karawan-e-Mohobbat aims to spread the message of peace. Its goal is to cover one State in one month and till now they have covered 13 states.




This discussion opened our eyes to the poison that is spreading in the name of caste, creed and religion. This was an event where the organisers wanted  to gather people in the direction of eliminating above hatred.

Our school was first school to join this movement and we as a school want to  to carry it forward by organising peace marches, interactive sessions, workshops, etc. The school  proposes to bring up Peace Army of St. Mary’s School which will stand against bullying and use of abusive language. We as individuals should take some concrete measures to eliminate hate crimes by rejecting all kinds of stereotypes, showing respect for others through actions, attitudes and remarks, by reporting incidents of discrimination and advocating non-violence by seeking help of local government representatives.


Through Karwan- e-Mohabbat and the Peace Army we want to spread in our school and society a wave of acceptance, tolerance and most importantly respect for one another. We would like to launch the first Karwan at our school itself. For this we plan to organize interactive sessions on wide ranging topics such as problems among students in the school, events of hate crime and increasing intolerance among various social groups in the country, etc. so as to orient the students before they can become active members of the movement. At a later stage we plan to take this Karwan to a next level with a bigger team, a bigger motive and a bigger audience. With Karwan-e-Mohabbat we as a school and as individuals want to contribute to the development and progress in the mindset of the common people who are at the grass-root level. The success of this movement would surely lead us a step forward in bringing to reality the dream which our great leaders had envisioned for the country.

“Humanity should prevail” is the need of the hour.



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