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Instant Gratification of Instagram

December 29, 2019

So what is Instagram!?


A social networking site where you can share your dreadful life and make millions of friend, someone may plead. Many may agree with that definition too but like the moon, every thing has its dark side too.




Instagram too has some pros and cons but we always tend to look on the bright side and the cons get diminished by the radiance of boomerang and puppy filter. We spend endless number of hours scrolling through Instagram feed, watching meaningless videos that somehow satisfy us and stalking multiple people.


But there is more to it than just stalking and laughing at meme pages. 


Sure it's a great platform to make friends but also to waste your time. Instagram has gained immense popularity amongst my peer group over some time. But its popularity is not the problem, neither is having you own account on Instagram. Losing track of time is.

Many teenagers joined Instagram just because of peer pressure(so did I). There are some contents which are not suitable for youngsters but they have the access to view them which I personally think is because of the democratisation of the platform.


One of the most thing people on social media including Instagram does is to show off their life and money. When their followers view their stories or posts about how spoiled they are or how much money they have, they deep down inside feel bad about why they don't have those things or that type of life. People start comparing their life with other people's life. It's as foolish as a fish thinking about her ability to climb tree. In all these comparison of our lives with others, we forget about the privileges we have got, about what we have which could make us the happiest person alive. We have got millions and billions of things to be happy about but we tend to chose comparison with strangers rather than finding things to be happy about.


In sharing our special and once-in-lifetime moments on social media we always forget to live them.We forget to live them, to enjoy them and above all, we lose its value. From welcoming a new member in the family to the sorrow of someone's death, we share everything. It's a great platform to increase awareness about many thing but do people read them and take any action!?

Most of the time they read,  ponder for a second and then forget it like it never happened barring a few of them(a very small percentage who do make some change for the good of this world, let's take a moment to appreciate them).


Well people are in a way destroying their life by wasting time on Instagram where as there are many other things to enjoy around you to utilise your time. And in the comparison of their life there are chances they can take some terrible steps(such as taking their own life). I don't mean to say that you shouldn't have an account on Instagram but don't waste multiple of hours scrolling through cats and dogs videos and don't share stuff which can make the others feel sad about their own life. And if you can't challenge yourself like I did and delete you account permanently then enjoy your life like I do and I swear it's 100 times  better than wasting your time on an app that is churning money off of your personal data.


I hope you challenge yourself and win it.

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